Meet Ekslibris Disk.


All the oeuvre at fingertips.

We are lovers of printed books, but we do not run away from modern technologies. We offer the opportunity to digitise older publications using specialised scanners. Thanks to this, the whole of the author's oeuvre can be placed on the Ekslibris Disk in the cloud and be available at any time.


Create Multibooks.

Digitisation of publications for the needs of the Ekslibris Disk also means recognising the text contained in them and creating an advanced Ariadne Index. It allows you to combine pages of existing publications in a new way, e.g. selecting from the entire oeuvre of the author all pages that relate to a specific person or place.

De-icing ideas.

The texts of all publications from the author's oeuvre can be subjected to detailed analyses, allowing to discover the previously unconscious connections and dependencies between the concepts contained in them.


Opening borders.

The Ekslibris Disk is integrated with advanced translation support software, thanks to which each of the pages of the publications gathered on it can be quickly translated into a foreign language - either with machine translation or with the help of a translator.


Author rights management.

The publications collected on the Ekslibris Disk can be made available to selected people in the form of graphic files, as well as formatted fragments of text, tables or mathematical formulas.


Slow travelling support - BookTrek.

BookTrek is a special app for mobile devices, which indicates to its users which of the books stored on Ekslibris Disks are related to their current location.
* service under development